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The Digital Way To Win

Saturday, 4 November, 2017 - 17:00 to 18:00
Tayo Abinusawa
Tayo Abinusawa
Digital Management Consultant
Presentation Title: 
The Digital Way To Win - demystifying digital

Dr Tayo Abinusawa is a digital native adept at developing insight-led solutions and customer-centric strategies, which boost profits, disrupt industries and streamline processes for global clients. He helps businesses discover and harness benefits by unlocking complexities around growth, changing consumer behaviour, customer experiences and journeys, innovation and new product development. Having worn many hats throughout his career: management consultant, strategist, product manager, project manager, business analyst, lecturer and even engineer; Tayo is proficient at leading multi-disciplinary projects and solving some of the most complex challenges for global clients.

Additionally, he is a writer, and regular speaker at conferences/lectures series on start-up, marketing, digital, consumer behaviour, and open innovation i.e. Academy of Marketing. He has a PhD in Management from King’s College London where he researched digital innovation at Apple, Dell and Linux, developing a model for improving organisational growth and performance in the age of digital. During his time at King’s College London he also delivered courses in marketing, research and corporate strategy.


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