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2 November 2017 09:30:00
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Engage Me! Why Should I Listen To You?

Friday, 3 November, 2017 - 15:30 to 16:45
John Bennett
John Bennett
Managing Director at Talking Trade Communications
Presentation Title: 
Engage Me! Why should I listen to YOU?

John is a passionate and inspirational communication skills trainer, coach and public speaker. He is dedicated to helping business communicators perform in front of an audience in a confident, convincing and compelling way. Prior to setting up his communication consultancy in 1988, he ran a 700 strong direct sales force in the financial services industry.

Selling brand you. This session is about thinking of yourself as a brand and not as an employee. Implicit in a brand is a promise. The promise of what the brand will deliver and how it will make you feel as you use or consume it. In other words a brand appeals to your emotions. You, too, have to appeal to your listener's emotions both in the way you craft your message and deliver it. This session will look at the 5 elements of your brand story and how to deliver it physically and vocally.

Communication is a performance when you are presenting in front of the one, the few or the many and we will look at the 3 principles you need to embrace:
Words alone don't communicate. Facts alone are difficult to remember. Emotion is the key to impact.

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